Why is summer the perfect time to learn a foreign language? What should you do if you lack motivation? How can you combine learning a foreign language with other summer activities? In this article, we will tell you why it’s very important to make the most of your summer.

Summer has arrived: a time of sunshine, picnics with friends, long evening walks, beautiful sunsets, fresh fruits and berries, vacations, holidays, trips, and so much more. Do you know what else this time is perfect for? To start learning German! Why? We have gathered ten reasons for you.

Reason One, The Obvious One

Summer for most people is a time of holidays and vacations, when the amount of free time sharply increases. You might feel a sense of melancholy and anxiety: what if I spend this time lying on the couch, and it won’t be memorable for me, there will be no progress forward and personal growth?

This is where learning comes in, not obligatory and through “I don’t want to”, but coming from pure interest, curiosity, and the desire to learn something new and useful! Moreover, your attention will not be scattered between some main activity and language learning, and full focus, as we all know, is the key to success. Thus, you will come out of the summer “break” with an amazing new competence.

Reason Two, Stemming from the First

As we have already mentioned, holidays and vacations. And the most desired and long-awaited plan for the summer is traveling. Traveling to a country of another language culture is both a push to start learning the language of this country and excellent practice. If this summer you plan to visit German-speaking countries, this is a good opportunity to fall in love with the language in a completely new way: you will hear it live, from the mouths of native speakers, echoing through the streets of old or ultra-modern city centers, written on signs and announcements. Isn’t such romance the best reason to learn a language?

But even if you can’t get away this summer, in a year – by next summer – your German will have grown to a decent level for conversation with locals, new acquaintances, and maybe even plans to radically change your life or change your country of residence.

Reason Three

Summer almost always means good weather. And this, in turn, opens up opportunities to study everywhere! You don’t have to sit at a table at home or in a class to the sound of raindrops hitting the windows (a sad picture). You can take a blanket, go out into nature, and arrange a real language picnic. You can go to the sea, if you are lucky enough to live nearby, and take a textbook to the beach.

Reason Four

What almost everyone suffers from in winter is the lack of sunlight. Work capacity drops, and so does the desire to engage in active mental activity. With the arrival of spring and summer, the amount of sun noticeably increases, and this cannot but affect a person, his immune system, and hormonal background. Combined with a larger amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet than in winter, the body receives a powerful charge of live vitamins and energy and begins to work more productively.

Scientists have found that the time of year directly affects memory and attention: a person is more attentive in the summer (and memory works better in the fall – at the beginning of the school year).

Reason Five

In addition to the amount of sun, the duration of daylight also increases: it’s easier to wake up, the day is longer, and it’s also the time for holidays and vacations – surely the excuse of “I don’t have time to study” won’t work here.Moreover, who said that studying necessarily means cramming grammar or vocabulary? You can learn new words and constructions literally without noticing it. Right now, you can translate your life into German:

  • Change the language on your phone,
  • Listen to music,
  • Podcasts,
  • Interviews,
  • Watch all your favorite movies and series,
  • Read books and blogs, and all this – in German.

At first, it will be difficult, but then this habit will be firmly established in your daily life.

Reason Six

Don’t forget that summer holidays are not only in your country but also in Germany. And this means that finding a native speaker conversation partner is much easier: everyone has more time, everyone wants to make new acquaintances. You can find such people on dating sites (you just mark in your profile that you are looking for a German-speaking interlocutor to improve your language), and groups on social networks that specialize in learning German.

Reason Seven

If not now – then when? Summer is a long season, you can’t abandon the language if you’ve already started, because in three months it’s very easy to lose vocabulary. And in general, knowledge that is not actively used is forgotten over time. But standing still is not an option (remember this image of a person who either rolls a ball uphill or rolls down with it?), so the only way out is to move forward.

Reason Eight, The Most Pleasant One

For those who struggle with self-motivation, we have an exciting proposition for you: our comprehensive online course, designed to help you master the German language at the A1 level. This course is perfect for students of varying language proficiency levels and offers a wealth of resources to aid your learning journey.

Our Complete A1 Level Online Course is a self-paced program that allows you to study German at any time and place that suits you. It includes two comprehensive textbooks (in a printable PDF format) filled with dialogues and grammar explanations, ensuring you have a solid understanding of the basics.

The course covers the entire A1 level, providing you with the exact grammar and vocabulary you need, all in one place. The lessons are communicated through short, easily understandable, and entertaining video lessons.

To help you practice and reinforce what you’ve learned, the course includes an integrated flashcard app with audio, gender, plural form, and example sentences. Additionally, you’ll have access to over 180 worksheets, providing ample practice for each topic.

If you join now, you’ll also have the benefit of accessing video recordings of lessons that have already taken place. This means you can catch up at your own pace and join the ongoing learning journey with other students.

So, if you’re ready to make the most of your summer and start learning German, check out our Complete A1 Level Online Course today!

Reason Nine, The Cultural One

Summer is also a great time to immerse yourself in the culture associated with the language you’re learning. For German, this could mean participating in local German festivals or events that often take place during the summer months. These events can provide a fun and engaging way to practice your language skills while also learning more about German traditions and customs. You might even get the chance to try some traditional German food!

Reason Ten, The Networking One

Summer often brings more opportunities for socializing and networking. This can be particularly beneficial when you’re learning a new language. You might find language exchange groups or meetups happening in your local area, where you can practice speaking German with others who are also learning the language. These groups can be a great way to make new friends, share learning resources, and get tips and advice from other language learners.

So, have we managed to convince you that it’s better to start learning German “here and now, that is, in the summer? Join us, let’s learn together!

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1. Why is summer a good time to learn German?

Summer provides increased free time, good weather, and longer days, making it an ideal time for language learning. It also offers opportunities for travel, cultural immersion, and networking.

2. How can I use my free time in the summer to learn German?

You can use your free time to immerse yourself in the German language by changing the language on your phone, listening to German music, podcasts, and interviews, watching German movies and series, and reading German books and blogs.

3. How can traveling help me learn German?

Traveling to German-speaking countries can provide excellent language practice. You’ll hear the language spoken by native speakers and see it written on signs and announcements, which can help you fall in love with the language.

4. How does good weather contribute to learning German?

Good weather allows you to study in various settings, like a picnic in nature or at the beach. It also increases your work capacity and desire to engage in active mental activity.

5. How can I practice German during the summer?

You can find a native speaker conversation partner, participate in local German festivals or events, or join language exchange groups or meetups.

6. What if I find it difficult to motivate myself to learn German?

Consider enrolling in an online course like the Complete A1 Level Online Course. It’s self-paced, comprehensive, and includes a variety of resources to aid your learning journey.

7. What are the benefits of learning German in the summer?

The benefits include increased free time, travel opportunities, good weather, longer days, cultural immersion, networking opportunities, and the chance to make new friends and share learning resources.

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