Many of us often plan to exercise, stop eating late, or learn a new language but end up putting them off for tomorrow, next week, or the start of the new year. We come up with excuses like being too busy at work or not having enough money for classes. However, the truth is that we all have the same amount of time; we need to learn how to organize it better.

Learn German

One way to improve your language skills is to set aside 30 minutes daily to learn German in addition to your everyday activities. It may seem small, but over time it will add up. Here are seven tips for you to note!

Watch videos in German

Today it is easy to find shorts, videos, online lessons, and podcasts; even the busiest person can find 5-10 minutes to fit them into their schedule. Some of the channels I suggest watching are: “Deutsch lernen mit der DW”, “Easy German”, “Dinge Erklärt – Kurzgesagt”.

Listen to German songs

If you don’t have time to watch videos or are on the move. Just sing along with the words you know and understand. Over time you will notice that you have learned a whole song by heart. If you find the lyrics hard to understand – Google is your best friend!

Listen to German radio

This is a perfect scenario for those people who are commuting. There are many stations you can tune in to. From news and weather forecasts to music! You indeed will find something you like!

Read posts on social media

People online don’t pay much attention to grammar, but it’s the best way to understand everyday German speech, slang, abbreviations, and dialects. If you are unsure what to learn, check out the Real German Slang!

Don’t know how to send an ex-boyfriend away in German? Your roommate pisses you off, but you have no idea how to characterize him in front of your friends? Your colleague pisses you off, but you have no idea how to represent him in front of your friends?

Read children’s books

Children’s books describe and explain what is not taught in adult courses. What are the names of objects on the playground, what do children do in kindergarten, and how do children celebrate a friend’s birthday? Children’s books are the perfect choice for this kind of vocabulary. Moreover, they describe, in great detail, the behavior of wild animals in nature or the change of seasons.

Listen to audiobooks in German

You don’t have to start with classical literature – find books you already know or something easy and listen to them. It’s a perfect choice in case your hands are occupied.

You might as wonder, but how do I learn German quickly? You can find the answer to that in the post “How to learn German quickly?

Apply to a German course

Applying to a German course is the ideal way to enhance both your grammar and vocabulary. You will be guided by a teacher, ensuring that your grammar improves, and you will also have the opportunity to practice speaking with others. If there are no in-person courses available in your city, consider taking an online course. One highly recommended option is the German Mastercourse for Beginners by my partner Niklas.

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