Tired of hearing that German music is only Rammstein? Or that this language is not suitable for singing? All this is not true, in Germany you can find a large number of truly cool musicians who will appeal to people with completely different tastes. What’s Faun singing about? Why some Oomph! songs and Bushido were banned by censorship? We share interesting facts about performers, listen to music and learn German!

Today we continue to introduce you to popular German bands so that you can also practice German when listening to quality music.
And we’ll start with rock, of course!


The legend of German rock, one of the most famous bands playing in the direction of Neue Deutsche Härte and musicians closest in style to their favorite Rammstein. The band was formed back in 1989, when three musicians – Dero Goi, Robert Flux and Andreas Crap – united to experiment and find the sound in which they want to create. And indeed, they have created a style and images, fans of which were thousands of listeners from different countries, who were awarded numerous awards and first places in the charts.

According to the musicians, the band’s credo is a constant evolution and search for new dimensions. Over the years, the band has made many different releases.

But one thing always remains unchanged: musicians are not ashamed to speak boldly, sharply and provocatively in their work, their texts often contain criticism of society, religion, the theme of salvation, love, pain and death uncensored. Some of the band’s videos and songs were banned from broadcasting on official channels.

In 2019, the band with a 30-year history released a new album – “Ritual”, which reached the top of the German charts. They created the album completely by hand and in their studio.

Let’s take a small piece of brutal romantic song attached to the lyrics.

Geh’ auf die Knie und dann leide für sie
Kneel down and suffer for her.

Alles aus Liebe zu ihr
Everything out of love for her.

Alles und mehr wird passier’n
Everything will happen and even more.

Ich will mich verletzen, will alles wagen
I want to hurt myself, I want to risk everything.

Grausame Schmerzen werd’ ich ertragen
I’ll suffer terrible pain.

All das nur aus Liebe zu ihr
It’s all out of love for her.


A fabulous pagan folk band formed in 1999. Their music combines folk motifs and electronic elements, the sound of old national instruments that few people have seen: wheeled lyre, nickelharp, dombra, as well as numerous wind and percussion instruments and many others. You can dance unbridledly to this music and listen to ancient stories thoughtfully. Faun songs, which are performed not only in German, but also in Spanish, English, Old English, Finnish, Latin and other languages, tell about mythological creatures, stories from ancient fairy tales and legends, as well as about the heroes of world literature, folk festivals and just about nature, love and creativity.

The band performs both at folk festivals and at large venues around the world. And the participants in their way of life adhere to the values that define in their songs: love for different cultures, respect for nature and man.

Let’s read the text.

Komm und fliege mit uns fort
Come and fly away with us.

Lass den Wind dich tragen
Let the wind take you away.

Weit fort von diesem Ort
Away, far from these places.

Komm und flieg so hoch du kannst
Come and take off as high as you can.

Lass uns die Himmel jagen im Tanz
Let the sky pick up our dance.


This female hip-hop duo existed from 2014 to 2018. It included rappers Juju (Judith Wessendorf) and Nura (Nura Habib Omer), they met when they were 17 and 18 years old. The first album was released in 2016, and the second album Leben am Limit reached number 8 in the German charts. After that, the girls decided to pursue solo careers.

Their lyrics contain provocative themes: prostitution, mobbing, racism, sexism, drugs, gender stereotypes, rich-poor relations, parties. Female performers also often play with male rap clichés.

But a few German expressions can be noted:

Im Wasser spiegelt sich die Sonne der Nacht
The night sun reflects in the water.

Billige Menschen in teuren Klamotten
Cheap people in expensive things


The band that played gothic rock and industrial rock in 1999-2016. The frontman and creator of the group has the stage name Der Graf (graph). Initially, the lyrics were in English, but soon the musician realized that his native language gave him more opportunities to express his thoughts. The Count put a piece of his autobiography, his thoughts and various stories into the tests, but always did so sincerely, so the group is considered one of the first in Germany in terms of the meaning of the texts. In addition, with their recognizable sound, Unheilig songs are always poetic and metaphorical.

The name of the group translates as “Not a saint”, that is, a sinner, and therefore like all other people. The Count held to the idea that he was primarily creating music, not his own image, which should be idolized by fans.

At the same time, the group leader led active charitable and public activities. A film about the life of the band was made and many albums were released, which eventually came to a sound that was close to people with completely different musical tastes. In 2016, the band released their last album and left the stage at the peak of their popularity.

Let’s take a look at one of the texts:

Wir waren geboren um zu leben
We were born for life.

Mit den Wundern jeder Zeit
With the wonders of her every minute.

Sich niemals zu vergessen
Never forget yourself.

Bis in aller Ewigkeit
Until the end of your life.

Wir waren geboren um zu leben
We were born for life.

Für den einen Augenblick
For that moment.

Bei dem jeder von uns spürte
When each of us will feel

Wie wertvoll Leben ist
How valuable life is

That’s it for today!

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