Why is German cosmetics one of the highest quality brands in the world? What brands are worth considering when choosing products? What can you bring back as a gift from Germany to your family or friends? Today, we’re going to talk about so-called g-beauty and why professionals praise the German manufacturer.

German manufacturers strive to meet high quality standards, and cosmetics companies are no exception. There are virtually no parabens, no dyes, no preservatives and not even any fragrances in their products. In addition, they are not tested on animals, which is a big problem for German manufacturers as it makes production very expensive.

The best German cosmetics brands

Professionals around the world recognise the high quality of products from German companies such as Alcina, Biodroga, Dr.Hauschka, Dr.Rimpler, Weleda, Sante and Goldwell. You can buy their products in specialist shops or pharmacies. This is another idea for a gift for loved ones or girlfriends if you are returning from a trip to Germany.

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We will start our introduction to German cosmetics with Dr. Wolff, which is known for its Alcina products, a brand that develops facial and hair care products. “Alcina” is sold in pharmacies and costs less than luxury cosmetics, but is just as good in quality.

The brand’s founder is pharmacist Dr. August Wolff, who began developing cosmetic and dermatological products in his pharmaceutical company. His son, Dr. Kurt Wolff, took over the company in 1942. He combined his medical and cosmetology expertise and continued the research begun by his father. Through serious scientific research and years of continuous improvement, the company became one of the flagships of the professional cosmetics industry. Currently, Alcina has its own research centre.


If you visit the Biodroga website, you will not see a single negative review. This is a case where high quality and low price are combined. Both experts and ordinary Germans recommend the anti-aging and medical products of this brand.

The company was launched in 1939, when Walter Friedmann founded a small salon and presented his cosmetic innovations at the Leipzig Trade Fair (one of the oldest fairs in the world). Only 20 years later, Biodroga brand products were presented for the first time at the 1959 CIDESCO congress (World Congress of the International Committee for Cosmetology and Aesthetics) in Lucerne, Switzerland, as professional, exclusive cosmetics. At the moment its products are available in over 50 countries.

Biodroga production is located in the heart of Europe, in the famous spa resort of Baden-Baden.


This is a high-quality care and decorative cosmetics from Germany, known for its natural composition, which includes only medicinal plants. All the ingredients in the company’s products are grown under special conditions that allow to maximize the useful properties of plants. Over the past 40 years, Dr. Hauschka has been developing unique products to suit everyone.

The range of products includes products for face, eyes, lips, hair, feet and legs, hands and nails, and even teeth. It’s worth noting that the price range varies, you can find products for as little as 10 euros, and the range is wide enough, so you’re sure to find something for yourself.


This German company specialises in products for problem skin, so many dermatologists recommend it. The Dr.Rimpler price range is medium to below average, for example, a good day cream can be purchased for 30-40 euros.

It is worth noting that the company received a GMP approval for its products in 1997, which indicates the high quality and effectiveness of the products.


Weleda adheres to a certain spiritual principle. It’s anthroposophy, a spiritual worldview, the so-called “wisdom about man”, which was invented by the founder of Weleda. The manufacturer has brought these principles into the material as well: ecological production and natural cosmetics set this company apart from others. At the moment, Weleda not only develops skin care or make-up products, but also anthroposophic remedies.


Sante is a German company that makes only environmentally friendly and natural products for make-up and hair care. The company’s products are not tested on animals and are labelled Bio and Vegan.

Londa Professional

Londa Professional will appeal to those who are interested in hair care. The very name of the company suggests that these are professional products, which are most often used in salons. The price of the products, however, corresponds to the quality. In addition to hair care, the range offers products for colouring, perming and styling.

The company was founded in 1956 by Franz Stroer and was a subsidiary of Wella. The brand name comes from the French word l’onde, which means wave in English.


Goldwell is one of the most popular companies, which produces hair care products.

The company’s history began in 1948 in Darmstadt, Germany. The 27-year-old hairdresser Hans Erich Dotter founded the company Goldwell (from the German “golden curl”), which aimed to create professional hairdressing products for exclusive use in beauty salons. Hans Erich Dotter was convinced that science and industry, which had worked for war for so many years, should serve to peace.

The company has maintained the standards set by its founder for many years and is now firmly established in the market.

In conclusion about German cosmetics

As we can see, German cosmetics are versatile and unique in their composition and quality. They are created with the best ingredients and help to cope with any cosmetological problem, and German cosmetic manufacturers have proven themselves through years of development in the field of cosmetology.

We also want to remind you that when choosing cosmetic products, you should pay attention to:

  • The expiry date of the product;
  • The expiration dates of the products, the certificates. Original German products are accompanied by all required quality certificates;
  • Packaging. Check the box/jar for defects,
  • Retail outlet. Unscrupulous retailers can also be found in Germany, so we recommend that you buy from specialist shops or pharmacies.

Which products of which companies have you already used? Comment!

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