Health insurance in Germany is one of the prerequisites for those who wish to live and work in this country.

The presence of a policy guarantees the receipt of medical services, the provision of which in Germany is carried out by sickness funds – Krankenkasse. And residents of the country, including immigrants, are required to insure themselves in a German company.

Medical insurance in Germany: types

Note that the Germans draw up medical insurance from birth. Visitors – upon arrival in public or private companies that provide insurance services. Health insurance in Germany for different categories of people has its own characteristics.

1. Visiting tourists and guests

Tourists and visitors permanently residing in other countries are required to take out travel insurance before departure, valid for the duration of their trip to Germany. The policy covers the risks of sudden illness or injury resulting from accidents. But at the same time, it does not include the treatment of chronic diseases and diagnostic examinations. Travel health insurance in Germany is not an alternative to the main policy for immigrants living in the country.

2. Poor

This type of medical policy is intended for low-income late settlers, Jews, refugees. It is included in the category of state programs, where the payment of fees is assumed by the state.

3. Students

For university students and students of vocational schools in Germany, preferential rates for health insurance are provided with the right to independently choose between private and state cash desks.

4. Migrant workers

Persons who come to the country for work at the conclusion of a contract, by default, fall into the state insurance. Please note that in 2021, with a salary of more than €64,350, a person can voluntarily enter into a contract with private insurance.

5. Migrant entrepreneurs, freelancers

Note that for business immigrants and foreign freelancers in Germany, state health insurance is not provided. But you can issue a policy at any private cash desk.

6. Family reunion

State health insurance in Germany within the framework of family reunification, including spouses and minor children, applies to persons working without additional payment when falling under the terms of family insurance. Note that family members are not included in the employee’s private insurance if he has issued it at a private cash desk. And in this case, they must be insured separately.

Medical insurance in Germany. What to consider before choosing?

There are about a hundred public and four dozen private health insurance companies in the country, among which you can choose the best option that suits you. Knowing the features and benefits of each will help you make the right choice.

Private insurance offices

Private health insurance has a number of advantages:

  • appointment with a doctor without a queue;
  • stay in the clinic in a double room;
  • the price, which, if a certain income limit is exceeded, can be lower than the fixed contribution to the private fund, compared to a percentage of the salary to the state insurance fund.

State health insurance

The peculiarities of this type of policy for medical care are the quality and volume of medical services, which are 95% paid by the state, regardless of the cash desk and the status of the insured. The remaining 5% of services account for payment for alternative medicine, homeopathic medicines, additional vaccinations, preventive examinations and other similar services. True, in this case there may be differences in opportunities and limits in different cash desks.

How much does public health insurance cost in Germany?

The standard fee is 14.6%.  Photo: Bartolomiej Pietrzyk / shutterstock.comThe standard fee is 14.6%. Photo: Bartolomiej Pietrzyk /

The amount of state health insurance in Germany is formed taking into account income. And the size of the standard fee is 14.6%. Actually, this is the main distinguishing feature of state insurance funds from private ones. In the latter, the amount of collection often depends on the state of health and age. Every year in Germany, within the framework of state insurance, an annual income limit Beitragsbemessungsgrenze is assigned.

Above his insurance premiums are no longer charged. In 2021, this level is set at €58,050. Based on this, the amount of the maximum contribution from the insured person to the German state fund is 706.28€ per month. Note that, in addition to the total contribution, each insurance company may have an additional Zusatzbeitrag payment. 

For example, if last year the cash outflow exceeded the income received from customers.
Important! With an increase in the collection of the insurance fund next year, the client has the right to early termination of the contract and change the company that deals with health insurance. You can make an application by contacting a private or state cash desk, as well as on their website.

Health insurance in Germany: advantages

People who have a medical insurance policy can choose their own doctors. There is no link to district clinics or regional physicians. At the same time, the insurance does not provide, for example, for travel expenses to a remote clinic in the absence of special grounds affecting the choice. As part of the insurance, treatment and medicines prescribed by a doctor are paid in full or with a small surcharge.

Having taken out compulsory medical insurance in Germany, you are guaranteed to receive medical care with any cost of therapy, surgery, and medicines. And when family members are included in the state insurance, you will get the opportunity to issue a policy for a non-working spouse and minor children free of charge. Remember that insurance is a guarantee of receiving medical care in Germany.

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