Germans, as all people, show their feelings for their beloved ones. The most common of these sweet names in German is Schatz – treasure. There are some varieties of this name, for example Schatzi, Schätzlein, Schätzchen. So you can be flexible with them whether you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend!

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There are also some gender specific sweet names. Let’s review them!

  • Schatz – treasure.
  • Maus, Mausi – mouse
  • Engel – angel
  • Süße – sweety
  • Sonnenschein – sunshine
  • Liebste, meine Liebe – sweetheart
  • Baby – baby
  • Herzchen – darling
  • Ein und Alles – my everything
  • Herzblatt – darling
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  • Hase, Hasi – bunny
  • Bärchen, Bär – bear cub
  • Süßer – cutie pie
  • Liebster – dearest
  • Zuckerpups – sugar babe
  • Perle – pearl
  • Geliebter – beloved
  • Bussibär – soft bear
  • Augensternchen – star of the eyes
  • Hengst (sexuell) – stallion

Feel free to love, give love, and call your loved ones what they (and you, of course) like! And since you are already here, perhaps you’d be interested in learning some flirting in German?


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